Commercial Services

Outsourcing specific tasks to skilled professionals makes sense in almost any business. It can not only lower costs but minimize liability, particularly with high-risk tasks. Pioneer Tree Service provides professional commercial tree services, including pruning and removal throughout Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.

Commercial Tree Services in Columbia

When it comes to tree and brush clearing, or grading and demolition services, Pioneer Tree Service offers customized, safe solutions. Our skilled team is fully insured and we have more than 40 years of experience helping commercial clients maintain and manage everything from utility rights of way to corporate campuses.

Small Businesses

“Curb appeal” isn’t just for homeowners. The environment surrounding your business makes an important first impression. The skilled crew at Pioneer Tree Service can work with you to create a professional-looking landscape of trees and shrubs that is safe and healthy.

Industrial Work

Trees may need to be removed due to disease, insects or storm damage. Or they may be blocking a line of vision or access to a right of way. Tree roots can also wreak havoc with hardscapes and plumbing. Pioneer Tree Service can handle clearing and removal work for utilities, construction firms and developers, as well as communications and sign companies.

Government Projects

Pioneer Tree Service is used to working in high security areas such as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, State and Federal sites the require special clearance. Pioneer Tree Service has extensive experience working in high danger areas such as along power lines and interstate highways.

Commercial Work

From setup to cleanup, Pioneer Tree Service believes that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing safely. Whether it’s trimming to manage future growth or entire tree removal, we have the experience to make decisions that minimize risk to buildings, property, desirable vegetation, and most importantly, people.

Insurance Claims

Pioneer Tree Service recommends that you contact your insurance agent as soon as possible after a tree or branch comes crashing down. We will work directly with your insurance adjuster to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Did you know that if a worker with an uninsured tree service is hurt while on your property, you and your business could be sued? Pioneer’s workers’ comp insurance protects you from law suits should an injury occur while we are on-site. And $1,000,000 in liability insurance protects your property. But not every tree company carries such extensive insurance to protect you and yours. Always ask for proof of insurance!


Excellent communication from Madison and her crew.  They were quick and efficient. They even raked and cleaned up the drive way/back yard which was a pleasant surprise to come home to. I highly recommend them for tree trimming and tree removal.

Jed Zeger

The price was right about what I was expecting. They were quick to come and do the job. Keith came out and was getting everything set up as I was leaving for work and he was so sweet and funny. I got home from work and it was as if the tree was never there. They even blew out my driveway while they were there! I will absolutely only use Pioneer from here on out. So impressed by them.

Ashton Smith